It’s by Hoa Luo with Stefanie Post und Marina Schütze


JAY ist eine Installation mit Medien und Künstlerin.
JAY ist keine Installation.
JAY ist ein Name.
JAY ist ein Bild.
JAY ist Kollaboration.
JAY ist eine Einzelarbeit.
JAY ist ein Gefängnis.
JAY ist die freiste aller Welten.

Hoa Luo, 1987* in Ho Chi Minh Stadt Humboldt Universität | Uni Wien | Akademie der bildenden Künste (physics, philosophy, fine arts)
Hoa Luo is real. Sometimes she sleeps well. Sometimes she loves art in her sleep. Sometimes she laughs at work. Sometimes she cries at sleep. Hoa Luo works and doesn’t works. She combines different backgrounds and point of perspectives to a trans-work of science/art theory and practice, furthermore she invents identities and words – is a self publisher, teacher and student to researching the world, lost in pop generation. She uses world wide web and brushes. Quite easy to say, that she’s real, because of her daily fights among pictures, sounds, text, cities, a lot of animals, cyborgs, youpuke and kids.

Stefanie Post, 1988 in Vöcklabruck Uni Wien | Paris Nanterre | Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien (theater-, film- and media studies, art & economy)
Stefanie Post was born in the 20th century. Sometimes she feels guilty. Sometimes she feels good. Working with bodies, words and the infinite, Stefanie Post is a nautical explorer, sailing the web of connections between the everything and the nothing. Still pursuing the vision of a good world for all, she is sharing the tides of chaos and harmony with friends, students and teachers, in solitude and compagnonship. Between movement, research, analysis and emotion she writes and performs with gestures, words and sound.

Marina Schütze *1994, Uni Wien, history of arts, transmedial artist, Marina Schütze is a way, a modality to give expression to the interconnection between the corporeality of fabrics and the aesthetics of the essence.

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